#1 Reason California Real Estate Investors Should Move Their Equities Outa Dodge

Leave, you say? No, still live here, just take your investment capital to places where it will actually do, well, what it’s supposed to do. Grow. Want income? Whatever yer gettin’ in California, it’s easily more likely than not, you can do better elsewhere.

This is common sense. Properties requiring upwards of 40% and more to merely break even each month, aren’t candidates for capital growth or cash flow for serious investors.

I’m in San Francisco tonight. There’s a conference tomorrow offering a rare treat. I get to listen, take notes. and get to learn. There’s gonna be a bunch of very bright hi-tech types showing guys like me how best to improve what I do without makin’ it seem like rocket science. Works for me. It’s not about real estate. It’s about helpin’ me do what I do best.

San Francisco sunset

It’s funny though, talkin’ with NoCal people. Their real estate world is skewed to say the least, relatively speaking. Prices that make San Diego income property owners pay attention, are high indeed. Still, price differences aside, both regions think fundamental truths about their markets haven’t really changed. Armed with this false belief, they blithely continue down the road their various strategies have taken them.

In the last three years, they’ve cost themselves in several ways.

  • They could’ve sold for much more back then than now. Duh
  • By continuing to hold on, they’re costing themselves significantly increased tax shelter.
  • By using a tax deferred exchange now, they can increase their portfolio 2-5 times.
  • Best of all, a very large increase in your capital growth rate.
  • OR the same large increase in your cash flow, if that’s what you need now.
  • The sooner Californians realize that they simply can’t get where they’d like to go, using their current strategy, the better off they’ll be. Time is not your friend if your income property is in California. Ever seen one of those cool old barns? You know the ones. They’ve decayed into sad comments on what they used to be. Don’t do that to your retirement.

    Broken down barn

    Saying this out loud is akin to saying water is wet, grass is green, and gravity makes us fall down, not up. Sure, you say, but what should I do next?

    Simplest part of all. Give me a holler on the phone, or a quick email. Use this to start the ball rolling. It’s the Contact BawldGuy magic button. Nest thing ya know, you’ll have your own Purposeful Plan, and be on your way to a retirement worth living.

    #1 reason California real estate investors should Get Outa Dodge? ‘Cuz they don’t want their retirements to remind them of the dilapidated barn they saw on the side of the road the other day. Time wasn’t its friend either.

    2 thoughts on “#1 Reason California Real Estate Investors Should Move Their Equities Outa Dodge

    1. Kathleen Couch

      I agree. Right now in Atlanta, Calif. investors could have 4-6 properties to replace one in Calif. Plus, Atlanta area has not had the huge bubble. Real Estate will re gain the previous level and go higher in coming times. People are still moving here for jobs.

    2. David Shafer

      Its the same thing when people look at their 401Ks. Still fooling themselves that a decade of no growth is not going to damage their retirement chances! Keep punching in those numbers to retirement calculators and lying to yourself!


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