An Increasingly Common Event – Breaking Bread With a Real Estate Investment Client

Tuesday night I was able to meet a New York area client for dinner — in San Diego. He was here for a couple weeks to have the life sucked from his brain via his industry’s version of ‘continuing education’. That’s where the curriculum is 90% stuff you already know, or stuff that won’t matter if you live another 100 years. He was a little worn down.

However, a little filet, lobster, and shrimp later, we were reviewing Plans, and strategizing like champs. Dinner with James was the highlight of this week, hands down. I like the trend I’ve seen developing the last year or so. Clients and those wanting to explore become clients are giving me a heads up when they’re gonna be in my neck of the woods. It allows us to spend time together, share a meal, and maybe even polish up their Plans a bit. Since 95% of my clientele live 300-3,000 miles away, sometimes farther, it’s an opportunity I covet.

Gimme a heads up, OK?

So, if you’re gonna be in shoutin’ distance of San Diego and wanna meet up to say hi, let’s have some coffee or break some bread together. You’ll be doin’ me a favor by providing a fix that day. :) I have my afternoon coffee daily between 1:30 and 3. Whether it’s at the office or with you at Starbucks, I’m gonna have it. All things being equal, I’d rather it be with you. Same with lunch, or, if it’s on the weekend, breakfast works too.

BawldGuy Reminder: I’m in the final edit of the first ever newsletter. It’ll be sent in the next couple three days. If you’re interested, it’s pretty simple to subscribe. Just go up top to the ‘Join our mailing list’ box and put your name/email address in, then click ‘Sign Up’ and you’re done. The newsletter will treat many of the topics I address here, but either from a different slant, or in more depth. I’d love to see ya there.

Alrighty then — we covered meals and coffee. Check. Newsletter. Check. The only thing left is for you go call me at 619 889-7100 so we can put our heads together to make your retirement what you’ve wanted it to be. If you’d rather, click the Contact BawldGuy button up top, and send me a note. Have a good one.

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I'm second generation real estate, first licensed in fall of 1969. Having been mentored by several iconic brokers, I'm also CCIM trained, having completed all 200 hours back in 1980. Have successfully executed well over 200 tax deferred exchanges, many of which have been multi-state in nature. Strong points are analysis and the creation and real world application of Purposeful Plans employing several strategies synergistically. The idea is to arrive at retirement with the most after tax income possible, backed by the largest net worth.

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