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In this full day of in-depth real estate investing strategies, I’ll teach you what 35+ years of counseling my clients to abundant retirement has taught me. We’ll get deep into topics I only begin to discuss on BawldGuy and some I share only with my clients. You’ll learn how to increase your retirement income by 50-200%

What You'll Learn

  • Understanding the best chronology to employ when it comes to cash flow and capital growth
  • How to combine multiple strategies to catalyze your results
  • How to turn tax code negatives into big positives
  • Roles and relationships between real estate, your IRA/401k and taxes
  • How to establish two very reliable and secure sources of tax-free retirement income
  • When and how to maximize tax deferred exchanges
  • Getting the macro analysis right in relation to your micro analysis
  • How to continue adding increases to your retirement income without adding ‘new’ money

Additional Speaker - Dave Van Horn

Dave Van Horn is President of PPR, a Note Company, managing several funds that buy, sell, and hold residential mortgages nationwide. Dave’s expertise is derived from over 25 years of residential and commercial real estate experience as a licensed realtor and a previously licensed life and annuity insurance agent, before moving on to raising capital for commercial real estate deals. He is an avid investor in notes and mortgages, as well as a long-term holder of multiple investment properties. In addition to facilitating mentorship through PPR Note Academy, Dave travels to many RE meetings and networking events as a national speaker on delinquent notes.

Additional Speaker - John Park

John R. Park is President of PGI Agency, Inc./PGI SelfDirected. Since 2007, PGI has specialized in establishing self directed IRA and 401(k) plans for its clients so that they have full control of their investment activities.

Additional Speaker - Lenny Elias

Lenard Elias, owner and operator of Tax Structures, Incorporated is an Enrolled Agent who has been providing quality tax preparation and accounting services to the public since 1971. Lenard’s clients are individuals, corporations, partnerships, LLC’s, estates and trusts and his accounting services are provided to going businesses. Lenard’s company also acts as an outside payroll processing service for businesses. Lenard’s specialty are the more complex tax issues and real estate issues.

Additional Speaker - David Shafer, PhD

David Shafer, PhD, has been in the investment business since 2001.  For the last 8 years, he has concentrated on structuring Equity Index Universal Life Insurance for maximum cash value build up and life long tax-free retirement income.  David’s academic work was in Finance and Social Psychology which lead him to find strategies that overcome the psychological issues that prevent most people from successful investing. He believes in using actual data from people’s investment decisions to guide his strategies rather than academic theory on what should/might work for folks.  He writes on a blog regularly at and has a website where he gives the fundamentals of EIULs and Annuities

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“Jeff Brown is a wealth of real estate knowledge backed by over 40 years in the industry. His expert guidance helped me close on investment properties providing me a positive cash flow and the promise of a secure retirement in the future.”

- Steve Dunham

“Not only does Jeff know his stuff, but he has the character and integrity to follow through. Thanks, Jeff, for getting us on the path to an abundant retirement.”

 - Jess & Mary Kay Robinson

“I’m very thankful for the day that I decided to give Jeff a call. Since then, Jeff has helped me develop an investment strategy to retire comfortably, provide for my family and live my dreams. Jeff is a top notch real estate broker, financial advisor and mentor. He is savvy and knowledgable of the investment strategies that he has recommended to me, he is extraordinarily thorough in his due diligence and he establishes the right business partners and the right system so that I need only follow what Jeff has set up (which Jeff monitors after the investment is made).”

- Colin Bumby

“Investors and retirees might want to spend some time at this intimate, hard hitting event with investment real estate guru Jeff Brown. It’s time to take your real estate investments seriously, and no better street smart professional knows more about this than Jeff.”

- Don Reedy

“If you don’t want to be poor when you get older, this is a good event to consider going to.”

- Lani Rosales

“If you want to learn about investing or know someone who does – this is the guy to learn it from.”

- Russell Shaw

“Sometimes in life you get one of those opportunities you just can’t pass up. If you want to learn the answers to questions you didn’t know to ask from a proven pro, I advise you to go.”

- Erion Shehaj

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