Case Study: A Real Life Phoenix — Flying Higher Than Ever

At first I was going to write a two or even three part post on Cher and John, long time clients, who have taken the long, winding, and sometimes bumpy road to both a relatively early and very abundant retirement. But I started to think about it, (never a good sign) and decided they deserved better.

Their story is inspirational and a tribute to their character, determination, and willingness to stare Murphy down whenever he decided to play.

A little side trip here. I often get more credit than is deserved. Sometimes an adviser is treated like the architect of all that is good in the world. What a bunch of hogwash. I learned this from by trainer, when I was a very serious bodybuilder. When someone would say to him, “Gene, does this guy give you all the credit you deserve?” he’d actually get irritated. His response was always the same — “I’ve told hundreds of guys how to do what he does, but they didn’t do the work, so they didn’t get the results. Am I also to blame for that? No, I’m not. He lifted the weights, I didn’t. He gets the lion share of the credit.”

And he was dead right. And when a client finally reaches the point where they can retire and live better than ever, I tell them they were the ones who did the heavy lifting. I just filled out their workout card.

They’re regular folk who simply wanted to retire with as much income as possible through real estate investing. And they’ve done just that.

You wouldn’t know they are retiring with up to a couple hundred thousand a year in passive income by meeting them. They just live their lives. The difference between them and their neighbors? They turned their words into action.

Rising From The Ashes

Because they lost so much of their savings in the stock market, and found themselves with such under performing income properties, they were a little battle fatigued. However, they were calmly and confidently defiant. They didn’t view the crash and burn scenario they were living as the final chapter — no way. They were determined to rise again. Their spirit was inspiring.

As i was saying earlier, they deserve much more than a few posts detailing their investment experience. Toward that end, I’m going to write a richly detailed, mostly chronological case study. It will begin the day I first met Cher in my office and progress to last week when they learned their goals are coming to fruition — big time.

From now on the only thing they have to think about is where they’re going for the next cruise. Or what island they haven’t been to yet. Or why can’t we just spend all of next fall in our free and clear place in New Hampshire? Yeah, that’s the ticket!

I hope to have this case study finished by next week. I’m excited.

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2 thoughts on “Case Study: A Real Life Phoenix — Flying Higher Than Ever

  1. Cher

    Wow, it is a story, isn’t it?
    In addition to the stock market losses, John and I both lost our “independant contractor” jobs the same month. 2002…No jobs and no ideas.
    I got a letter in the mail the next week from Bawld guy….very fortuitous. The letter was funny and it is the first time I had laughed in a week. I made an appointment to see him immediately. I had to meet this NUT in person.
    After two phone calls and getting lost, I finally got there pretty frazzled. Jeff has a way of lifting you up when you are down and after talking with him for an hour, I started to see possibilities again for my life. Hmmmm…..
    We looked at the financial statement and he suggested ideas. When he asked me my goal, I said, “To get John and I thourgh this year without losing everything” “NO”, he said that is NOT a goal!
    “How about being a full time Real Estate Investor”. he said smiling.
    ” WHAT! Where would the money come from to survive with out a job?”
    But BG was way ahead of me. He saw that I had a paid off property and an unused HELOC. My instructions when I left that first meeting were to draw out $50K and bank it.
    ” Now you have money to live on for a year so lets make another appointment so I can meet John”. he said When I left, a huge weight was off my shoulders. Now I had a job AND a salary. for a whole year.
    And best of all, I had the courage to start over again.”
    Thus began a wonderful Student/Mentor relationship.
    Thanks for spearheading this case study. I am asked to speak at investor conferences from time to time and usually refuse because it takes allot of time to gather the fragments of this long winding story.


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