Streams Of Retirement Income

Begin to think of ‘streams’ the way you think of ‘portfolios’. That is, one stream is completely separate and independent, and different in nature than the other streams. Larger Video | Download Audio  

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Understanding Discounted Notes

There so many false beliefs about note investing. Let’s clear some of them up. Larger Video | Download Audio  

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Note Income And Debt Elimination

Strategic Synergism at work. Also, paying off debt with other folks’ money is fun. The idea here is that the investor needs to realize the goal: Income in retirement is paramount. Larger Video | Download Audio  

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4 Pillars

The 4 pillars supporting my Purposeful Plans are the key to the retirement you’ve desired. Larger Video | Download Audio  

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Cash Flow 2015-02-07

Real estate investors worship cash flow, mostly to their detriment. It’s all about keeping our eye on the ball. Larger Video | Download Audio  

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Judgement versus Principles — Video

In my experience, the difference between success and failure in real estate and note investing comes from the lessons we learn when lookin’ at judgement versus principles. Download Audio   Transcript:   Ever since as a young man I switched from listing and selling homes to being an investment guy, I’ve been impressed with the big […]

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