Experienced and Newbie Real Estate Investors Wanna Know — What Happens When You Call Me?

Hi, my name is BawldGuy, and I’m a real estate investment addict. Wanna talk about it — anything at all to do about it? I’m your guy. I have no pride, as these phone calls are almost literally, fixes. The most common thing I hear from callers is, “I can’t believe you’ve spent so much time with me.”

Did I mention the part about me being an addict?

I love what I do. Well, most of what I do. :) Takin’ folks from where they are today to a retirement worthy of their efforts, is a rush most don’t understand unless they do something like it. I’ve run many marathons, was a competitive bodybuilder, and am a retired NCAA baseball umpire — all of which generated serious endorphin rushes. Yet, none of those comes close to the rush I enjoy when a Plan begins to take shape, or better yet, comes together. There’s not much like it.

This is especially true when a caller learns their situation is not as bad as they believed, but that they’re actually in far better shape than they would’ve ever suspected. Their immediate relief becomes my endorphin rush. I call that a fair trade. What it comes down to is that there are some folks I simply can’t help, and roughly the same number who don’t need my help. It’s those in the middle who’ve turned out to be my ‘suppliers’ — the folks who generate the daily rushes I must have.

A question you don’t need to ask.

Many have wondered aloud whether or not they ‘qualify’ to be a client. If your situation allows for a solution, then a viable Plan, then yes you ‘qualify’. Remember, this isn’t just what I do, it’s part of who I am. So many business experts talk about having a Mission Statement. Mine?

Get as many good folks as I possibly can, to a better retirement than they imagined. 

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to have been doin’ that for one heckuva long dang time. Furthermore, I see no end in sight, at least on my end. Thinkin’ about callin’ me, but hesitated? Don’t hesitate. Whoever you are, wherever you are, you’re doin’ me a favor, providing an addict with his daily fix. It’s a healthy addiction, as are the fixes. But truth be told, I never get enough of ‘em.

Here’s why.

When you show someone they’re capable of a retirement they thought impossible, their joy is my first form of compensation. When a working mother learns she can stop work far sooner than anticipated, her thanks is worth more than a wheelbarrow filled with gold bricks. Then there are the folks who learn their retirement can become reality years before they thought even remotely possible. I’ve had those people begin planning their new startup business, right then and there, while we’re on the phone together. Rushes like that are priceless. Not to get maudlin here, but the sound of a man or a woman, whose voice is infused with newly found confidence, enthusiasm, and a sense of invincibility, is priceless.

The average scheduled phone call goes longer than an hour. Sometimes way longer. I have team members, and various assistants who do everything but what I do best. Wanna know a secret pleasure? There are those rare days when I’m forced to charge my phone twice. How freakin’ cool is that?!

Call me — we’ll both have some fun. You’ll get some killer information about your situation, and I’ll get a fix. Sounds like a fair trade to me. My number is 619 889-7100. Like email better? Click the Contact BawldGuy button, and send me a note. Have a good one.


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