Answers To Key Questions You Can’t Find – Video

What answers can’t you find in this incredible information age? Think about it — it’s a trick question.


Transcript:  Hi! I’m Jeff Brown the “BawldGuy”. Today where gonna talk about what’s gets us in the end. It’s not the answers to your questions. It’s the answers to the questions you never knew to ask and never will. I’m gonna use baseball, hitting specifically, to explain what I mean. When my son is playing baseball, from the time he was 8 right into high school, I coached hitting and pitching. We’re gonna talk about hitting and how it relates to real estate investing for retirement. What people don’t understand about hitting is that the order of what you do physically matters a great deal. Everybody talks about see the ball, hit the ball, keep your eye on the ball… blah, blah, blah! Here’s what matters: if you can’t get your bat in the hitting zone, you can’t hit the ball — captain obvious alert a little tardy. Same thing with real estate investment. We can get answers to anything, but you can never get the answer to a question that you simply don’t know to ask and that, in investment real estate, can be a killer in the end. It can mean the difference in retiring with $5,000 a month or $15,000 a month — and I’m not exaggerating. Understanding that there are answers out there to questions you don’t know to ask will have the same effect to the guy that keeps on going up to the plate and striking out. Get the answers, but first you have to know the questions. For example, if the investor doesn’t know that they can get more than four loans in this post bubble world, they’ll never do it. They might have enough to get six properties, but they only buy four, using higher down payments with their available capital because, you know, their broker, “Century 21 Larry”, said that he learned that you can only do four. I’m here to tell you, you can do ten. Add that to the fact that you now own 50% more properties and you can use — another thing you didn’t know about to ask, which is cost segregation — you can take those extra two properties, turn them into a half-million bucks in five or six years and make a moves that you will never, ever imagine are possible. This is Jeff Brown, I’m the “BawldGuy”. Thanks for joining me today. I look forward to talking with you next time.

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