Real Estate Investors – Setting Yourself Up For a Fat Fastball

A concept taught early and often by Dad — learning to implement the proper strategy, or at least A proper strategy is dependent upon the timing. Before ya roll yer eyes and whisper “duh” under yer breath, let me explain. In baseball, if the pitcher has just thrown seven consecutive balls, it’s probably a great time to take a pitch or four ’till he throws a strike. On the other hand, when the bases are loaded and he’s down in the count 2-0, ya might wanna get ready to come outa your shoes swingin’ at the straight as a string fastball about to bisect the plate.

It’s all about timing — two diametrically opposed strategies — but when used with relevant timing, pretty effective.

Let’s look at some real estate investment strategies, and how bad timing can render them virtually useless.

  • Executing unnecessary, poorly timed tax deferred exchanges
  • Generating a cash flow strategy when equity growth is the prescription needed
  • Waiting ’till retirement to plan for your exit if an exit is what’s called for
  • Actually believing you can time markets themselves
  • Selling/exchanging when you should hold, and vice versa
  • There are, of course, many more, but you get the idea. The several calls I get each year from folks who thought they were ready to retire, but realized they’d left out the crucial factor of timing in their strategies are distressing to me. Often, they have an epiphany, chillingly so, that they’ve cornered themselves and can’t see a way out. Many times there is a way, just not a painless route.

    We’ll be talkin’ about how timing for specific strategies can and predictably do make all the difference in the world when it comes to Purposeful Planning.

    When it’s time for your retirement to begin, you wanna be up with the bases loaded, 2 balls, no strikes, and a fat, straight as a string fastball in your immediate future. Timing and reasonably prudent predictability is a wonderful combination.

    Hey! I need a fix. Call me at 619 889-7100 and we’ll figure out your situation. Have a good one.

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