So You Want To Be A Real Estate Investment Broker — Here’s How You Begin

Daniel Rothamel, an agent in Virginia, decided he’d like to help investors too. But his immediate problem was in finding the most efficient method of learning which way was north on the map for that side of the real estate world. He made the correct choice. I don’t remember if he already knew about the CCIM Institute, or heard about it from me or someone else. He knew quality education when he saw it.


This post is an excuse to make fun of Daniel, as I warned him he wouldn’t be blogging while taking the first of five, week long (6 days) CI courses. He was skeptical. His last post was published the morning of his first day – with NONE since. It’s now Thursday, and it’s my contention he’s now doing a great imitation of death on a cracker. :)

I can’t wait to talk with him about his experiences there. I told him the fail rate for that first course was usually around HALF. And that’s for a group of agents who paid a thousand bucks just for the class. The transportation to the city, hotel, and food are all extra. And still that many fail the first week.

I successfully slogged my way through all 200 hours of the CCIM curriculum. It was the best thing I ever did. Though because of a horrible economy (at the time) combined with my first son being born, I was unable to continue with the mechanical process of getting the actual designation. I had to put food on the table. My son won’t have that excuse. He begins the classes later this year. Though a smile comes to my face as I recall my experiences with CCIM courses, I don’t envy him. It’s a challenging process to say the least.

lion zebra

Even though I never received the designation, the education I received has proven invaluable to my clients. It is simply the best education for investment real estate pros available in the country – and there is no #2. It’s that good. CCIM training has been, and will remain King of the jungle.

Daniel is known as the Real Estate Zebra. His blog can be found on the left side of this blog under Blogroll. I read everything he writes. Take a look, I think you’ll enjoy him — though I think he’ll be a pretty haggard lookin’ zebra next week. No doubt he’s been doing a great job of staying just ahead of the CCIM lion. :)

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I'm second generation real estate, first licensed in fall of 1969. Having been mentored by several iconic brokers, I'm also CCIM trained, having completed all 200 hours back in 1980. Have successfully executed well over 200 tax deferred exchanges, many of which have been multi-state in nature. Strong points are analysis and the creation and real world application of Purposeful Plans employing several strategies synergistically. The idea is to arrive at retirement with the most after tax income possible, backed by the largest net worth.

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5 thoughts on “So You Want To Be A Real Estate Investment Broker — Here’s How You Begin

  1. John Lockwood

    So that’s how you get to be bawldguy-smart. I was wondering. I saw CCIM’s stuff some time ago and it looked pretty interesting, but now that you’ve endorsed it, I’m going to have to take another look.

    I know you’re smart because you like me. :)

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