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Might you be among the many real estate investors who aren’t aware they’re plan for retirement is working against itself? BawldGuy Axiom: Most so-called ‘universal’ formulas/strategies work great — ’til the day they don’t.


Transcript:   Hi this is Jeff Brown the “BawldGuy”. Today we’re going to talk about what I’ve called the physics of investing. What that means is, just like in the laws of real physics, there are certain things that we cannot change. We can defy gravity, but in the end, gravity wins. We can turn it to our friend, but if we violate its premises, we lose every time out. Same thing in real estate: you can defy gravity for a while; you can flaunt the fundamentals, but over time, those things tend to work until they don’t. One of the things that I was taught by Grandpa — one of my favorite mentors — was the farmer who found out it was more efficient to feed his mare less and less as she plowed the fields for him. What I’m going to tell you is, what he told me: about the time he taught the old mare to work without eating, she died. And that’s the same thing that’s going to happen to your retirement plan if you stop paying attention to sound fundamental principles. What are those principles? Get a bigger return on your money invested than the cost of money it took to purchase it. Understand the strategies you’re using and make sure they don’t contradict each other unnecessarily or without your knowledge. That last one is what most people do. They contradict their plan and they’re unaware of it untill it’s too late. Don’t be that mare! Don’t keep working hard until you fall over and there’s your retirement. You can’t die in the fields and concurrently benefit from their yield. This is Jeff Brown, I’m the “BawldGuy”. Catch you next time.

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