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Either I didn’t spend enough time, or today was a tad thin. No matter. These two should be separated from the pack. They’re as different as night and day except for their excellence.

Learn the essence of why you should have an experienced pro with great training and old school values. See into the heart of one of our own as he deals with life as it’s dealt.

There’s a difference between what I call group mentoring, a potially good thing, and in-person infomercials — an almost guaranteed waste of time. I’ve been to both, and you can tell the difference pretty quickly. The problem is, if you get sucked into the latter, and leave too early — you can miss the inspiration that could launch you into building the real deal yourself.

Chris Lengquist touches us where we live with Why You Need A Real Estate Investing Specialist In Kansas City, a seamless yet essentially human post about why all your reading and internet research ain’t worth much when you’re out there investing for your future with the big boys. This is a MUST READ that will likely find you giving your family extra hugs the next time you come home from work.

Greg Swann shows us in A comprehensive take on the StarPower Conference: Reinventing the pearl the Bloodhound way that excellence and its pursuit is its own reward. If Greg believes in anything it’s doing things the way he thinks they should be done. He reminds me of a baseball coach I had once. He was fond of saying, “There’s the right way, the wrong way, and the way I’m gonna teach you.” That’s Greg in a nutshell. :) If you’re an agent this is a slam dunk MUST READ. If you’re not, this post will give you a glimpse into what lengths agents will go to in order to improve their skills and expertise.

Disclosure: I’m a contributor at BloodhoundBlog where Greg is the lead dog. :)

“…and remember. The daily Bawldys have approximately 1/365th the value of our annual awards.”

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I'm second generation real estate, first licensed in fall of 1969. Having been mentored by several iconic brokers, I'm also CCIM trained, having completed all 200 hours back in 1980. Have successfully executed well over 200 tax deferred exchanges, many of which have been multi-state in nature. Strong points are analysis and the creation and real world application of Purposeful Plans employing several strategies synergistically. The idea is to arrive at retirement with the most after tax income possible, backed by the largest net worth.

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2 thoughts on “Today’s Bawldys Go To…

  1. Sock Puppet

    Actually Jeff I think having a varation in the number of posts linked to works for this format. I think it shows you’re sifting for quality rather than to make a quota.

    I mean a top 10 posts of the day post would be terrible because you know 3-4 of them would really just be padding to hit 10 posts.

    Better just to talk about the stuff that makes the cut. :-)



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