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A Message To My Boss — Video

A message to my boss.


Transcript:   Hi this is Jeff Brown the “BawldGuy”. We’re not going to talk about real estate today. We’re going to talk about the reason that every morning when I get up and every night when I go to bed, I have a smile on my face. You might have heard me refer to her as the boss. We met a decade ago today. We had coffee at a local coffee place, had a little pie, sat across from each other, and shortly thereafter decided that we were it for each other. I can’t tell you what a wonderful decision that was for me and that is usual as the guy. It turns out that when we got married, I married way above my station. Now, today is not our wedding anniversary, but I always remember the night that I met my boss. To you, Honey, thank you so much. I love you like you never will know and thank you for everything.

6 Years And Counting — Please Keep The Fixes Coming

Though lately I’ve been busy with family, hence, the lack of posts from your host, today’s piece is a bit special. Yesterday marked the sixth anniversary of my very first post ever. In fact, the blog wasn’t even known as BawldGuy Talking back then. It was Behind the Curtain. You might assume I renamed it, but that isn’t the case, as I had nothing to do with the current name. Liz Strauss, a wickedly smart lady, came up with it all by her lonesome. I will take the credit for lovin’ it a split second later.

The only reason I bring up this anniversary is to thank those of you who’ve been loyal readers. As you know by now, I’m a hopeless addict, completely reliant upon at least one daily fix, defined as a conversation of some kind, any kind, with a reader. Very few things in life get my adrenalin goin’ more than helping a new client Plan for their retirement. It’s a rush I’ve not been able to adequately explain. I love this stuff, and wanted you to know how much I appreciate your presence here.


BawldGuy aka Jeff Brown

When is a Self-Directed ROTH IRA NOT a Good Idea (Part 2)

In last week’s post we we discussed when having a ROTH IRA maybe isn’t a great idea..especially for the self-employed individual wanting to establish a self-directed 401K. The conversation was all predicated on the current regulations that do not allow for an individual to rollover ROTH IRA funds into a 401K plan….self-directed or not.

So, to refresh you from that post, we had “Joe” who had $100,000 in ROTH IRA funds and $100,000 from an old employer’s 401K plan. We had determined that as a self-employed individual interested in establishing a self-directed 401K, he could not bring the ROTH funds into the plan; therefore, if he wanted to self-direct his ROTH funds, we would have to establish a separate self-directed ROTH IRA account with the ROTH funds. This, unfortunately, would lead to different accounts and two different fee structures (for both the 401K and ROTH IRA). And, the probability that he could not bring the ROTH IRA funds and old 401K funds into one account for investment purposes. But is this true? I mean we did establish that the ROTH funds cannot come into the 401K…so, we certainly could not bring both sources of funds into one account for investments purposes, could we?!

Well….potentially, yes. Continue reading