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Dealing With Life As It Comes

Just a quick note to let readers know that we lost a family member late last week. It wasn’t completely unexpected, as she was elderly, but losing someone is always a challenge. Things are returning to normal, slowly but surely, as grief takes its course. It helped a bit to have attended a happy occasion this weekend, a wedding. Life has a way of keepin’ us balanced right when we need it.

Catch ya later — BawldGuy

Expectations – Real Estate Investing and EIULs Are About The Long Run

I live in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We live for ski season here. This week the ski season ended almost a month earlier than it usually does because of unseasonably warm weather over the last couple weeks. This is on top of the season starting a couple of weeks late. People are pretty bummed here for that reason. But the reality was, other than the shortness of the season, it was good. We got in a lot of skiing this year. My son made major strides in his ability. My wife and I skied many, many days. It’s just that our expectations were not met so it seems bad because last season was a very long season. The big picture is that some seasons are like this, short and sweet. Some are even worse. We are basing our expectations on last season, which was above average in length.

Same about expectations on investing for retirement. Continue reading

Bonds vs Real Estate Investment Property – No Contest

This has been, at least in my opinion, late in developing. Conservative investors, usually already retired, have been lookin’ at real estate’s cash on cash returns with eyes full of longing. Why wouldn’t they? They’re gettin’ a tick more or less than the 2% offered by the 10 year Treasury Bond. That can’t be what makes ‘em smile at the golf course or at the gym doin’ Pilates. “Oh yeah, I’m bankin’ almost 3% on my 40 years of ‘makin’ the donuts’.

I don’t think so.

Let’s say they retired a year or two ago, and have most of their liquid capital in bonds. How discouraging it must be to have managed to save $1,000,000, yet it generates only $20-30,000 a year. Adding insult to injury, it’s tax time about now, and their CPA just told them how big the slice of that unimpressive pie the government is about to take.

What could they do with that million bucks? Continue reading

It’s Not Enough To Understand Investing – You Need To Understand Why You Are Investing

What makes a property a good investment? Is it a certain percentage of positive cash flow? Is it meeting or beating a numeric ratio? Is it buying a property at something less than the perceived market value?

The answer is — it depends.

An investor needs to know where they want to go with their investments. What they hope to achieve. When an investor knows what they hope to accomplish they have a personal set of guidelines for what makes a good investment for them.

The BawldGuy talks a lot about Purposeful Planning. A Purposeful Plan starts with knowing what you want out of your investments. An investor’s goals or plan can be very simple or complex, but it should be well thought out. Continue reading

An Increasingly Common Event – Breaking Bread With a Real Estate Investment Client

Tuesday night I was able to meet a New York area client for dinner — in San Diego. He was here for a couple weeks to have the life sucked from his brain via his industry’s version of ‘continuing education’. That’s where the curriculum is 90% stuff you already know, or stuff that won’t matter if you live another 100 years. He was a little worn down.

However, a little filet, lobster, and shrimp later, we were reviewing Plans, and strategizing like champs. Dinner with James was the highlight of this week, hands down. I like the trend I’ve seen developing the last year or so. Clients and those wanting to explore become clients are giving me a heads up when they’re gonna be in my neck of the woods. It allows us to spend time together, share a meal, and maybe even polish up their Plans a bit. Since 95% of my clientele live 300-3,000 miles away, sometimes farther, it’s an opportunity I covet.

Gimme a heads up, OK?

So, if you’re gonna be in shoutin’ distance of San Diego and wanna meet up to say hi, let’s have some coffee or break some bread together. You’ll be doin’ me a favor by providing a fix that day. :) I have my afternoon coffee daily between 1:30 and 3. Whether it’s at the office or with you at Starbucks, I’m gonna have it. All things being equal, I’d rather it be with you. Same with lunch, or, if it’s on the weekend, breakfast works too.

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Alrighty then — we covered meals and coffee. Check. Newsletter. Check. The only thing left is for you go call me at 619 889-7100 so we can put our heads together to make your retirement what you’ve wanted it to be. If you’d rather, click the Contact BawldGuy button up top, and send me a note. Have a good one.